Wire Partitioning

The Rembert Company is a worldwide distributor for a variety of high-quality, affordable brand names in the material handling industry. Backed by 80 years of experience, we only stock and recommend industry approved shelves, lockers, racks, cabinets and other storage solutions. Our team will analyze the customer’s needs and help design, build, and install virtually any project, regardless of size or complexity. Our high quality products are always made from premium materials including plastic, fiberglass and steel.

Types of Wire Partitioning Systems

Wire partitions are useful in a wide range of industrial, commercial, and security applications. At The Rembert Company, we offer the following wire partition solutions:

Wire Partitioning Systems

Wire partitioning systems work as storage and security enclosures, rack backings, and machine guards. They offer complete protection for people, property, and industrial processes. All steel welded mesh and steel frames provide the rigidity and heavy duty protection necessary for critical operations in warehouses and other facilities. These modular partitioning systems can include lockable doors that either swing or slide. The bundled hardware kit provides easy assembly, as no special tools are required.

Woven Wire Partition

The Woven Wire Partition system is the culmination of years of manufacturing experience in heavy duty enclosure solutions. They offer a fast, modular, and economical way to setup a security enclosure and feature rugged steel wire partitions that can quickly section off hazard areas, tool rooms, maintenance rooms, and other containment centers. The gray enamel coating keeps the 1.5-inch, 10-gauge diamond style mesh smooth and features a high gloss finish for clean presentation. The partitions are built with either sliding or hinged doors and include all necessary hardware.

Welded Wire Partitions & Security Cages

When a security cage is needed in order to partition off an industrial area while preserving heat, visibility, or air circulation, our Welded Wire Partitions & Security Cages will get the job done. The welded wire will not unravel, making it easier to cut out sections for pipe entry. Designed with fewer moving parts than other styles, these can be quickly deployed, set up, and even relocated as needed. Thanks to a modular approach, sections can be replaced or reused. The E-series is the lowest cost option across all wire partitions, combining mobility and protection. Each unit includes a 4-foot by 7-foot steel door for access.

High Security Wire Partition System

This rugged, High Security Wire Partition System is the ultimate choice for keeping areas secure, storage safe, and equipment properly enclosed. Its modular steel frame design allows it to be quickly deployed in quality control, tool rooms, shipping offices, and other areas without sacrificing visibility, air circulation, heat, or light.

The hardware is included and no special tools are required, as all posts are pre-drilled for easy assembly. The steel angle frames are 1.25-inches by 1.25-inches and feature rugged, 2 x 1 x 10 gauge woven rectangular mesh. These are custom setups, and all that is required by the customer is a hand sketch of the enclosure’s dimensions, door/window locations, paint finish, and additional details such as ceiling choice and locking options. Units include a standard padlock lug by default or they can be fabricated with integrated cylinder locks.

Wire Partitioning Specifications

The Rembert Company has partnered with Husky Rack & Wire for industrial strength, heavy duty wire partitioning systems. The EZ Wire Partition is engineered for modularity, fast deployment and reliable storage security. Designed to be efficient and effective, our wire portioning systems can accommodate both permanent and temporary placement needs.

  • No tedious nuts or bolts necessary
  • Patented hook and pin design easily locks together panels
  • Superior workmanship with no rough or unsightly welds
  • Modular, scalable design
  • Optional ceiling available
  • Offered in either standard or custom sizes

Leading Distributor of Secure Industrial Wire Partitioning Systems

At The Rembert Company, we’ve helped a wide range of customers design and implement robust wire partitioning systems to protect workers and assets. All of our equipment – from storage racks to mezzanines – are selected based on our in-depth material handling experience. Our products are made with pride in the United States and conform to all required industry standards.

For additional information on our wire partitioning systems, please contact us.