Freestanding Mezzanines

The Rembert Company has offered an array of innovative material handling and storage solutions since 1938, providing high quality mezzanines, workbenches, racks, lockers, containers, and other equipment to customers worldwide. Our products are fabricated from high quality plastic, fiberglass, steel, stainless steel, wood, and corrugated materials.

Types of Mezzanines

A mezzanine is a raised intermediate floor area used in industrial facilities, health clubs, schools, and hospitals to separate stored goods or workers from obstacles and floor traffic. As a customer-oriented service team, we have the experience and knowledge to design, layout, and install a wide range of freestanding mezzanines to suit the individual needs of any operation.

Structural Steel Mezzanines

These modular, bolt-together systems can be expanded as needed to provide additional floor or storage space to virtually any facility. All of our structural steel mezzanines are manufactured to exact specifications and comply with OSHA and/or IBC code. They can be custom built with specific heights, spans, decking materials, and landings. Designed for heavy use environments where abuse and corrosion are prevalent, our mezzanines are built with quality, longevity, and craftsmanship in mind.

  • Modular, bolt-together design
  • 3-point connections vs. in-shear
  • Available in a variety of decking materials
  • 4-Mil powder coated steel components
  • Galvanizing available

Cold Roll Mezzanines

Our cold roll mezzanines are permanently shaped to exact specifications, featuring “C” channel bent sheet metal for superior understructure support. Cold rolled steel is a lighter and less expensive material than traditional metals such as hot-dipped galvanized steel, stainless steel, and aluminum. The cold roll mezzanine systems are available with b-deck and plywood, bar grating, or plank decking options.

  • Pre-galvanized
  • Less equipment required for erection
  • Limited column spacing of 10 feet to 15 feet max
  • Ideal for lower load ratings
  • Galvanizing available

Mezzanine-Related Products

To support our mezzanines, we also offer a wide range of options and related products to allow our mezzanines to be customized to suit the needs of any application. Some of these options include:

Mezzanine Safety Gates

Our safety gates feature an OSHA required 43-inch high handrail, 21-inch high mid-rail, and 4-inch high kick plate for ideal load positioning that doesn’t sacrifice accessibility. They accommodate maximum load heights of up to 68 inches when deployed for a standard 48-inch by 48-inch pallet. The gate’s design is precisely balanced and optimized for shorter loads, offering flexible, easy operation without the need for safety springs. All-welded steel construction and a powder-coated yellow surface finish keeps the mezzanine sturdy, rigid, and free from deterioration.

Slim Column Protectors

Combining flexible deployment and rugged structural design, these slim column protectors can be used on small beams or on uprights in mezzanines, bollards, and overhead cranes. They can accommodate three-, four-, five-, and six-inch beams, are easily mounted to walls, and may be used to protect water lines and electrical conduits from damage. Available in bright, industrial yellow for high visibility, our slim column protectors offer a versatile and secure solution for a variety of applications.

Warehouse Safety Guard Rail System

In fast-paced environments, protecting workers and equipment from fork truck accidents is vital and requires a reliable warehouse safety guard rail system. These heavy-duty steel, high-visibility systems are impact tested for 10,000 pound loads at four miles per hour. The posts are four-way mounted and each system includes all the necessary assembly bolts and floor anchors for secure installation. Our warehouse safety guard rail systems protect shipping and receiving areas, mezzanines, machinery, pedestrian walkways, and in-plant offices.

Pallet Gates

Our pallet gates are designed to self-close once the pallet is loaded onto the mezzanine, thereby protecting employees during the unloading/loading process. Alternatively, the pallet gate acts as a safety rail when not in use. The black ABS teardrop impact bumpers protect the gate and help absorb shock during material handling. Finished in powder-coated yellow for high visibility, these gates are sold in widths ranging from 60 to 96 inches.

Counterbalance Lift Trucks – CW Series

When moving loads over short distances, these non-straddle lift trucks help to quickly feed or lift legged loads onto docks and mezzanines without interference. A built-in charger continuously charges the lift’s 12-volt battery while the unit is in motion. This intuitive counterbalance lift truck is designed with five-inch phenolic wheels, offering smooth operation on even surfaces.

Superior Warehouse Mezzanine Solutions that Maximize ROI

Freestanding mezzanines offer a cost-effective, space saving solution for warehouses and other industrial facilities. By utilizing height, warehouse floorplans and layouts can be maximized for additional storage, transport, and operational needs. Freestanding mezzanines reduce clutter, prevent accidents, and help to protect equipment.

For 80 years, The Rembert Company has excelled in offering material handling solutions for industrial applications. Our freestanding mezzanine solutions are built according to industry standards and undergo a rigorous inspection process to guarantee a long service life and superior quality. Our mezzanines help to boost efficiency, increase productivity, and save money. To learn more about our freestanding mezzanine systems, please contact us directly.