Metal Shelving

The Rembert Company is a premier distributor of a wide range of material handling equipment – from metal shelving to mezzanines – for heavy duty industrial applications. We can accommodate virtually any custom configuration, helping warehouses and facilities optimize their storage layouts. We’re stocked with prominent brand names in the industry, offering racks, cabinets, workbenches, and more that are made from plastic, fiberglass, steel, and corrugated materials.

Types of Metal Shelving

200a Shelving

Our freestanding, low profile 200a Shelving unit features five levels that are adjustable on 1.5-inch centers and don’t require nuts, bolts, or shelf clips during assembly. 200a Shelving is extremely rigid thanks to industrial strength steel and double-riveted beams. This boltless design removes the use of troublesome crossbars that could get in the way during loading and unloading. Colored in a durable, powder-coated grey, this shelving unit is available in heights ranging from 3 feet to 12 feet and is designed to be accessed from all sides.

200b Shelving

The 200b Shelving series is a three shelf unit that’s made from industrial strength steel and offers a low cost solution for storing heavy and/or bulky items. Adjustable on 1.5-inch centers and completely boltless, there are no additional components needed for assembly. In addition, there are no cross braces in the design, allowing the unit to be accessed from all four sides. Our three shelf units are available in a variety of sizes and capacities with heights ranging from 3 feet to 12 feet. They are manufactured with a protective, powder coated gray finish.

4-Shelf Consumer Grade Wire Shelving

The 4-Shelf Consumer Grade Wire Shelving unit leverages industrial level strength with ease of use for common applications. With its quick and easy snap together shelving setup, any commercial, office, warehouse, or home can take advantage of its performance. Each shelf can accommodate loads as heavy as 300 pounds and its wire design optimizes air circulation and minimizes dust buildup. The shelves will adjust in one-inch increments and the entire unit is packed into a single box for easy logistics and inventory control.

Record Storage Shelving

Even paper and record storage requires a properly organized heavy duty shelving for applications in warehouses, offices, and other commercial or industrial facilities. Our Record Storage Shelving accommodates high-density storage for all standard size archive boxes. Extremely rigid and stable, they offer obstruction free loading and unloading. Decking options are available separately in either particle board or 22 gauge steel.

Enduring Metal Shelving Solutions from Superior Brands

Metal shelving units offered by The Rembert Company represent carefully selected brands based on experience, performance, and quality. Our metal shelving options are ideal for an array of uses and can perform the same roles as both commercial-grade wire shelving and industrial-grade wire shelving. All of our products feature the following add-on features:

  • Six wire shelves with clips
  • One T-post closed upright assembly
  • Closed shelving back
  • Crafted in the USA

The Rembert Company carefully partners with reliable brand names in the industry for shelving, racks, lockers, cabinets, and other material handling solutions. We can help customers plan their layout, design solutions, and install their shelving. We strive to offer the best service possible, ensuring that industries worldwide have the necessary storage capacity to keep operations running efficiently.

To learn more about our metal shelving, please contact us for additional information.